You can access the best insights of the Webinar “Reinvent. Prepare for a new future ahead”, held live between April 28 and May 5 2020:

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If you are leading a team, leading a business, a new enterprise or now taking leadership of your own life, this 3 series webinar may be useful to you. You will receive useful advice and practical suggestions, but you also will be invited to reflect on where you are going, and where you are taking your business or your team, in this new context.

We bring together leadership, legal and marketing experts with extensive experience in multinational contexts to share ways for you to keep moving forward with purpose and direction. Meet the speakers: Cristina da CostaJohn Parkerson | Raquel Ribeiro (moderator).

1.    Adapting. Personal and professional skills for a new future
28 Apr 2020, via Zoom.
What challenges are being posed to leaders and teams in this new context?  How is this affecting personal and professional relationships? How will this change working and business environments? How can we take advantage of technology?  Which skills do you find more important for dealing with uncertainty? How can we better prepare for the next months and years to come? 
Live Q&A

2.    Inspiring. Leaders, teams and people interaction
30 Apr 2020, via Zoom
What inspires people?  What kind of leaders do people need right now?  How can a leader be better prepared for these new times? What do teams want?  How can teams be motivated?  What can be recommended for effective human interactions from now on?
Live Q&A

3.    Connecting. Cultural challenges and legal matters
05 May 2020, via Zoom
Many businesses and individuals will perceive a need to reexamine their global expansion and career plans. You have both experienced career changes and international challenges. What lessons can you highlight from that? How can we help people to deal better with each other, especially in an intercultural context?  How can we use technology to bring people closer? How do we deal with questions of trust?  Human resources: hiring, managing, outsourcing, remote work…these are major concerns for companies, leaders and teams, more than even. From a legal viewpoint, which best practices would you recommend?  Are there significant differences between countries with regards to these matters?
Live Q&A