In September of 2018, Querer Além was founded by Raquel Ribeiro, an entrepreneur, college professor and business mentor with expertise in the Marketing, Communications and Tourism areas. After more than 20 years in the business, Raquel’s path has led her from a position at one of Portugal’s largest banks, to a major public transportation company, to one of the biggest media conglomerates in the country, to a food and beverages giant, to her own custom-made travel agency – all while keeping an active role as Professor at the University of Lisbon.

Did you know?
Querer Além, when translated literally, means “to want beyond”. It’s a play on words with the name of this project’s hometown, Alenquer, and it represents the will to go further, to go far beyond what we imagine to be possible, with the help of those who would see us prevail. For that’s the only way to truly go far in life.

Joana Pinto and Danilo Mota,  joined this project in its infancy, bringing with them both motivation and talent to face whatever obstacles come our way. Isabel Tallysha-Soares introduced usto the wonders of Alenquer. Other talents such as Elisa Vaz, Mariana Figueiredo, Inês Além, Patrícia Matos and Marcos Bilro have also contributed to the growth of our enterprise.

Querer Além’s best asset is in the success of its team, brought upon by the healthy mixture of several different professions and academic backgrounds, as well as excellent interpersonal relationships. On that matter, you need only consult one of the several hundreds of clients and thousands of students which have been mentored over the decades, with an eye on their need to develop practical skills and overcome the fear of taking risks, in order to succeed in their businesses and aspirations.

In our resumé we list the creation of self owned businesses with non-stop growth – because we seek to practice what we preach -, entreprising projects mentorship, both in the private sector and under municipal control, professional training and education.

It pleases us to encourage hardworking, proud and visionary people on their projects. We believe we can recognize the right path, make decisions and inspire other people to do so.
We can help you to want more.
To want to go further.
Shall we begin?