“It was a good decision to work with Querer Além, to leverage my image as a professional and my work with companies, entrepreneurs and teams. Raquel and her team are extremely dedicated and very knowledgeable in the world of marketing, image and communication. All support has been given simultaneously to Portugal and the USA. For all this, my thanks Raquel!

― Cristina Ferreira, CEO of CdC Consulting Partners

[I try to learn about] new Marketing tools. [In my business, I face obstacles such as] competition, the difficulty in maintaining the client for more than 2 nights and improving the training of my employees. [This workshop is] an excellent way to keep me updated and expand knowledge.

― Zélia Martinho, Josefa D´Óbidos Hotel [workshop 09.03.2020]

Passionate for her job, Raquel is an outstanding professional, an excellent colleague and person… All that with a fabulous sense of humor! Deep knowledge on consumer’s motivations and trends, combined with an outstanding intuition and feeling for brands and consumers allows her to provide a highly strategic and methodical approach on markets. Her restless and inquisitive mind really pushes everybody to the “next level” of knowledge! She can join her technical knowledge with her social skills, creating a great work environment and providing really useful know-how and insights in her field.

― Margarida Ferreira, Chief Re-Imaginator Officer Marketing & Innovation

This may sound quite strange since I’m recommending someone that was my teacher. None the less, I can’t express how grateful I am for having Raquel Ribeiro as my teacher and, specially, as my dissertation coordinator – she was always available to awnser my questions, gave me a lot of helpful advices and I was never so enthusiastic about a college paper work like I’ve been with my thesis. Even after I’ve finished my degree she gave my some professional advices that I truly respect. Despite the fact that I can’t say “I would love to work with Raquel again”, I know I would. 

― José Miguel Almeida, Head of Product and CRM

Querer Além: a company we needed in the West Region! Raquel Ribeiro is a specialist in business creation and has unparalleled professionalism and friendliness. Very good!

― Isabel Soares

From the analysis to the design of a strategy and its implementation, the work of the Querer Além team was unbeatable. The timing and cost was as originally planned and the attentive and thorough monitoring shows a true understanding of what a partnership is.

― João Santos Pereira

Friendliness, professionalism and dedication. Querer Além fills a gap in the market and makes a difference through individualized treatment and attention to the needs of each case, while never failing to be professional and attentive. I recommend!

― Alexandra Martins, Terapias Doces

[I want to] be attentive and understand the evolution of the market. [My biggest difficulties are] reaching new customers and getting new contacts. [Today I gained] more conviction.

― Maria de Fátima da Luz, Consultactiva [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn more about] marketing. [My main difficulty is] getting customers. [Today] I gained confidence.

― Bruno Ribeiro, Raízes Flutuantes [workshop 09.03.2020]

Querer Além, through Raquel Ribeiro and her team, is guided by professionalism, a genuine desire to help growing and the pragmatism of analysis and action plans. I strongly recommend it!

― Cláudia Barbosa

[I hope to learn] everything about selling. [My biggest difficulty is] making the product known. [Today I managed to obtain] an enriching vision.

― Jaime Fonseca, MaxLider [workshop 09.03.2020]

Querer Além’s support unmistakably consolidated my business giving me a vision of the future that I didn’t have before. Their work and strategy definition gave consistency to what was already done and confidence for the future. I feel like I have a partner here that I can count on to grow. Good job!

― inLisboa Vidaboa

Raquel is a competent, dedicated professional, capable of working under extreme pressure, and a knack for analyzing various market aspects.

― Leonardo Monteiro, Strategy, Commercial Development and Business Analytics

I am creating my first business and I have little knowledge in the field of marketing. [My biggest challenges are] determining a focus, my management skills and the investment. I learned how to develop the company I intend to create.

― Patrícia Leal, Empresária em nome individual [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to be able to] follow the evolution of society and marketing and be up to the consumer’s demand. [However, I have difficulties with] managing my time. I want to have a solution for everything and I don’t delegate tasks. [I won] incentive, good tips and quality knowledge.

― António Sérgio, AgriOeste [workshop 09.03.2020]

I tried to acquire tools to increase sales in a future business. [My biggest challenges are understanding] how to reach the client, how to retain him and how to increase the business volume. I gained tools and new ways of thinking.

― Matilde Fonseca [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I intend to be able to] understand the customer. [I acquired] marketing knowledge.

― Carla Vaz, Câmara Municipal Torres Vedras [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I learned] tips for a good and better communication.

― Helena Alves, Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn] as much as possible, since all the information is an asset. [My difficulties are] reaching customers who are willing to pay for my product, I have no investment at this moment and [I need to improve my] online disclosure. [Today] I remembered old tips and learned a little more.

― Lúcia Bernardes, Rabinho de Algodão [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn how to] maintain (at least) my billing. [My biggest difficulties are in terms of factors related to] people (collaborators), the saturation of the market and the import from UK. [Today] I remembered certain notions and learned other notions.

― Rui Pinto, PLR Unipessoal Lda. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I aspire to learn] how to improve communication and value our products before the client.

― Sandra Lucas, Membro Herbalife Independente [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I intend to] improve my ability to reach new clients. [My biggest difficulty is] reaching more clients every other month. [In this workshop] I recalled the best sales practices.

― Luís André Lourenço, Membro Herbalife Independente [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I search to improve my] approach to the client and [learn more about] sales techniques. [My main difficulty is] my team’s approach to encourage sales. Sometimes we know that we must do something, but routines lead us to leave it behind. Today I hope to earn some money.

― Tânia Oliveira, Conquinha Act Hot [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn about] time and money management, psychology and entrepreneurship and get tips for small and medium businesses. [However, I have difficulties] attracting and motivating new clients, in boosting sales and profits and in promoting personalized products. [I learned] practical and objective tips and I gained extra motivation.

― Francisco Reis, CNC Works [workshop 09.03.2020]

I want to learn how to overcome the word “how”, the word “no” or “there’s the same and cheaper in store x”. The challenges I have at work are getting new customers for coffee beans. People want offers and discounts. I also find it difficult to organize my time and spending on each client. I’m a good listener, but I spend too much time on each client. Today I gained knowledge and confidence, essential to achieve my goals.

― Marisa Pereira, Armando Paulo Unipessoal Lda. [workshop 09.03.2020]

Raquel is an expert professional, very dedicated and intelligent. As a mentor, she revealed to be the biggest of my inspirations in Marketing and an example of persistence and a good sense of opportunity. Her experience full of achievements speaks for itself: she is a person oriented towards positive results, always with good strategic thinking and with the right words at the right time. We collaborated together at Querer Além and many successful projects were developed. That’s why I say, without any doubt, that a business, in her hands, goes further.

― Elisa Vaz, colaboradora na Querer Além

I worked for Raquel at Querer Além, particularly in the design of the Marketing and Communication strategy for this project. And it was, without a doubt, an enriching experience. Raquel is an ambitious, hard-working, intelligent and very organized woman. I have never met a woman as competent and capable as Raquel. She helped me, supported me and encouraged me daily. It is with gratitude that I recommend Raquel for any business because she has the gift of making it successful.

― Joana Pinto, colaboradora da Querer Além

I worked with and for Raquel at Querer Além, and I couldn’t have made a better professional choice as a future marketer. Even though I was inexperienced in the business, Raquel managed, through her exceptional knowledge, guidance and encouragement, to make me feel qualified to work to the fullest of my abilities. Furthermore, and since she is hierarchically superior to me, she has always had the humility and wisdom to put me on her level as a strategist. Raquel does not turn from a fight, she knows which direction to take and what “shoes” to wear on the way, making her one of the most successful professionals I have ever worked with. For all these reasons (and a few more) I believe that it is extremely inspiring and opportune to work with Raquel.

― Danilo Mota, colaborador da Querer Além

[I want to] improve and increase sales. This session gave me tips for this. The difficulty is “reaching” different customers, namely, customers who value the good and pay that price. I acquired more knowledge to put into practice in the way I sell my products.

― F.M. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to be able to] increase the number of wine tourism visits and increase the number of wine sales resulting from wine tourism. [However, I have difficulties in] attracting new customers and retaining them. [I acquired] more knowledge, education and more sense about the work that I have been developing.

― R.N. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I gained] awareness of good practices and approaching and monitoring the clien.

― M.M. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I gained] colors and motivation.

― A.P. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I gained] systematization.

― A.S. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn] how to show off differentiation. Acquiring investment and attract customers. Get tips on how to create prices. [My biggest challenges are] showing people what sets us apart, increasing the value of the business and looking for a target audience.

― L.S. [workshop 09.03.2020]

My colleague suggested that I came here and I think that “knowledge does not occupy space”. [My difficulties are] high competition, inadequate estimates and being unmotivated. [Today] I remembered what I learned over the years.

― P.G. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I gained] a new perspective/vision on this topic.

― D.B. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to] be a better professional, know how to set priorities and make the most of my time. [However, I have difficulties] bringing in new customers, retaining them and increasing wine sales in the store. [Today I acquired] very valuable tips to not only “sell”, but to offer an excellent service that is distinguished from others.

― I.B. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I look to learn about] sales techniques and starting new businesses. [I have difficulties with] initial investment and in preparing market studies. [Today I] “refreshed” my knowledge.

― C.D. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I intend to learn] new forms of sales and business stability. [My biggest difficulty is] the contact with people. [I gained] More knowledge for the future.

― J.L. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to be able to] improve the customer approach to increase sales volume. [My biggest obstacle is] competition. [I learned] techniques and tips for approaching the customer.

― C.C. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to learn more about] marketing strategies. [My main difficulty is knowing] how to promote my unbranded product. [Today I gained] extremely important knowledge for my business.

― L.T. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to] learn to how sell more and better, improve the approach to the client and acquire tips on how to keep the client. [My biggest] difficulty is approaching the client. I learned a little more.

― H.C. [workshop 09.03.2020]

It helped me put into perspective some of the work methods that I have been practicing and how I can improve.

― D.S. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I hope to acquire] bases for creating a business and tips on how to deal with clients and suppliers. [I believe that] I will still experience [difficulties with my business]. [I gained] inspiration and knowledge.

― V.C. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I want to know how I can] increase sales. [My main difficulties are] publicizing, increasing sales and reaching business clients. [I gained] confidence to go further with my project.

― O.T. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I intend] to improve daily actions. [My difficulties are] time management and the relationship with my employees. I remembered some concepts and got to know new approaches.

― E.A. [workshop 09.03.2020]

[I would like to obtain] solutions to grow my business. Make it big enough to make me self-sufficient. [My difficulties are] being able to sell pieces, which were designed with dedication and quality, but did not have the expected acceptance. I need to invest in digital marketing and get a physical place of sale.

― C.N. [workshop 09.03.2020]