Marketing, Communications and Strategy Services

Marketing Communications and Strategy Services


We have plenty of ideas for your business, which could become yours. We know how to turn them profitable for you.

  • Business Ideas with potential;
  • Macro Environmental Analysis and Competitive Analysis;
  • Market Analysis;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Strategic orientation.
Marketing Communications and Strategy Services


Cost analysis, profit predictions, deadlines and priorities, so you can know how much you’ll profit with the choices you make.

  • Business Plans and Models;
  • Viability Studies;
  • Financial Projections;
  • Result Demonstrations;
  • International Expansion Plans.
Marketing Communications and Strategy Services


We turn your offer appealing to customers, more so than your competitors. We promote it live and via online. We grow connections.

  • Branding | Storytelling;
  • Targets, Positioning and USP;
  • Marketing-Mix + Digital Marketing;
  • Sales Plan | Trademarketing;
  • Relational Marketing and CRM.


We ensure your company’s image and customer service will be spotless in order to seduce your clients. We breed enthusiasm and teamwork.

  • Customer Service and Body Language;
  • Business Identity and Image;
  • Team Building;
  • Intercultural and Workplace Adaptation.


Our secret? We were travel agents for 10 years, so we’ll tell you exactly what your client seeks.

  • Enotourism;
  • Rural Tourism | Local Lodging;
  • Nature and Active Tourism;
  • Health & Wellness;
  • International Expansion.


So you don’t have to worry about burocracy, or deviating from your area of expertise, we’ll handle it for you.

  • Legal Advice;
  • Accounting and Taxing;
  • HR Management | Health & Safety;
  • Applications for Portugal 2020 | IEFP;
  • Internationalization.
Marketing Communications and Strategy Services

Baby’s First Marketing and Communications Kit

Marketing and Communications bring the money rolling in to your business – which we’re sure would come in handy. This Kit is meant for start-ups, growing or repositioning businesses which lack these tools. With these services, you’ll gain notoriety, confidence and public interaction, which will allow you to advertise your products and services efficiently, while giving your business a professional look.

  • Storytelling (we will tell your story the right way!)  
  • Business/Brand Logo
  • Visual Image for up to 3 online social profiles
  • Posts on 3 online social profiles for a month
  • WordPress Website (free model)

Complete Visual Identity Magic Box

A package made for growing or repositioning businesses seeking to cement their reputation and conquer new markets while being their best selves. With these services, you’ll gain credibility, confidence and public interaction through a complete and coherent business image, which will allow you to advertise your products and services prestigiously (with no worries about technical or logistic burocracies)

  • Logo + Stationery Materials
  • Roll Up + Flyer
  • Business Cards
  • Professional Website (tailor made)
  • Visual Image for 3 online social profiles

Best-of Strategy and Business Plan

This plan is meant for start-ups, growing or repositioning businesses, thriving or at-risk companies, which seek to invest in a clear and solid cost/benefit prediction plan, tailored to their own market. With these services, you’ll gain clarity in your analysis, confidence in your offer, focus on your clients, and result projections that will give purpose to your spending and allow you to make the right choices in order to profit and grow.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives
  • USP and Positioning
  • Targets and Market Segmentation
  • Marketing-Mix + Communication Plan

Customer Service and Image Case

This is a solution for businesses and professionals that deal with customer service, and that need to ensure the excellence of their sales and customer service teams, as well as a quality aesthetic and ambience for their venues. With these services, you will gain positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and a huge competitive advantage over your competition, through the quality of the experiences you’ll be providing your clients. Your team will be more confident, motivated, and will produce better results.

  • Customer Service and Sales Training
  • Image Consulting and Team Building
  • Décor Counselling
  • Trademarketing, Store Environment and Sensory Marketing Advice

Diagnostic and Market Studies Vault

Before starting a business activity, or when in doubt, this pack will help you avoid mistakes and solve problems. It’s meant for start-ups, growing or repositioning businesses, thriving or at-risk companies which seek to create or rethink their offer in order to succeed in their market. With these services, you’ll gain knowledge of what your clients want, what your competitors aren’t yet offering, and what your resources will allow you to excel at.

  • Company-Wide Diagnostics
  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Research into clients’ needs, expectations and resistances.

Assets for Sales & Deals

A good bet in order to solve immediate cash-flow issues, ensuring sales thanks to tried and tested techniques. These services were made for businesses and professionals looking to accelerate their sales, stimulate their teams and get loyal customers. With these services, you’ll make new customers, improve sales, get positive results and confidence for your future. You’ll have money in the bank and your partners will thank you.

  • Client Prospecting (workshop)
  • Commercial Proposal Models
  • Sales Team Training
  • Customer Service and Image Consulting
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Objection Handling
Marketing Communications and Strategy Services

Monthly Monitoring Plan

This plan is meant for entrepreneurs requiring expert and flexible support from a professional in matters of Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Image, Services, Customer Service and/or Team Management when making decisions.

Because two brains are better than one!

  • 6 advisory debate and counselling sessions
  • 2h each
  • In loco or remotely
  • Valid for 12 months.

Marketing, Communications and Strategy Services