In 2010, Sofia Pacheco and António Pacheco created a blog that published news about the region of Fornos de Algodres, calling themselves “the mountain’s voice for the world”. Due to the high number of views on their web page, the Magazine Serrano now has a paper version and greater digital activity, launching a website and an e-paper version. Given the limitations of regional newspapers, it became essential to do research to find possible advertisers. The first part of this study consisted in characterizing the Magazine Serrano’s market, analyzing its area of activity and the market of potential advertisers for the print and digital versions. It was also planned to carry out a macroenvironmental analysis (trends, threats, opportunities and evolution). Work included the identification, dimension, characterization and evolution of the market players and competitors and the SWOT analysis. The second part of the work consisted in the elaboration of strategic and tactical options with regards to: strategy (targets, market strategies, positioning and segmentation), brand (physical and psychological identity), marketing-mix (product and communication) and, finally, Relational Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with a focus on emigrated communities.