Through the analysis of the competition and knowledge of the consumer, the practical guidelines to structure this client’s offer were our focus. We worked happily on this natural cosmetics project, a handmade soap business founded by an artisan of Sabugal, Cristina Manso, who wanted to expand her project. Initially, we analyzed the cosmetics industry market, addressing some of the surrounding sectors, focusing mainly on handmade soaps and their economic context in the regional and global outlook. This analysis included a macroenvironmental investigation, an identification of market competitors (through online research and contact with stores) and a look out for the threats and opportunities found, based on a SWOT analysis. On the other hand, we identified the target consumer based on the results obtained through a survey. We proposed the strategic and tactical options of the business in development, such as targets, segmentation and positioning, the physical and psychological identity of the brand and the Marketing-Mix (prices, distribution and communication). We are also supporting Cristina in building a website that allows her to sell online.