Our objective was to find out if there was a market for this business. And yes, there was! We gave support and advice to a project of a mobile optics company that aims to give access to this type of care to individuals in the region of Beira Interior, especially the elderly, who are more isolated and/or unable to travel to fixed locations (stores, health centers, hospitals, and clinics). We started by conducting a marketing research to ascertain whether or not the market existed as well as its size and characterization. In a second phase of work, we developed a set of marketing strategies and decisions to be applied for the implementation and success of the business. We took into account several aspects that condition the project in question (trends, accessibility of roads in the region, rate of opening of optics in the region, possible competitors and partners); we presented data related to the population of Beira Interior and, more specifically, of the elderly, as well as the characterization of possible clients of the mobile optics unit, which include aspects such as visual problems, visual health care, travel difficulties, among others, through a set of interviews with a sample of the population in study. Marketing strategies and decisions were focused on service, brand, communication, relationship marketing and CRM.