Creating a marketing strategy and advertising the work of craftswoman Sara Lopes to expand her project and sell her products to a larger number of people – that’s what we did. This artisan’s work focuses on the use of various styles of crafts and the application of different techniques and materials. A benchmarking analysis of offers similar to Sara’s was first carried out, as well as the type of communication made by other crafting brands. After this analysis, and to achieve Sara Lopes’ growth objective, we started by defining the business strategy, identifying our targets and our positioning. After defining everything, the construction of the brand can begin, whether it is the physical identity (giving it a name and designing a logo) or the psychological identity. Then, focusing on communication, one of the components of the Marketing-mix, we first isolate our targets, objectives and tools. Finally, ideas for CRM were also presented, so that the relationship between the brand and consumers could be maintained, to create loyalty.