We were asked to think about the concept and marketing of an artistic residence in Portugal, which offers conditions for artistic creation, exchange of experiences and co-creation, focused on production and learning, aiming at the recognition of artists. The investigation was based primarily on the identification and analysis of the consumer to outline his profile. Next, we dwelled on the study of competition. In the analysis of macroenvironmental trends, we analyzed newspaper articles, statistical data and scientific articles. We concluded with the SWOT analysis that reflects the current strengths and weaknesses, and future opportunities and threats, culminating in the presentation of some recommendations to the business. In a second phase, we deepened strategic marketing decisions, where we defined objectives, targets, strategic axis and market approaches. To achieve these objectives, Marketing Mix was crucial, allowing the creation of a logo, launch or growth strategy, price, distribution, communication and CRM. Then, through Relational Marketing and CRM, we identified and understood the needs and desires of the consumer, outlining a plan so that it was possible to develop a lasting and stable relationship with the consumer of this artistic residence.