We explored the opportunity to create buggy tours on the island of Boavista, in Cape Verde, identified by Joana and Octávio Zagalo, owners of the project. This medium was prioritized due to its versatility and the multiplicity of individuals who can use it, including those with reduced mobility. This project wants to combine sustainability and emotion and may have connections with major multinational brands that are intended to be associated with “environmentally friendly” projects, with conversations between organizations having already started. In 2017, the island of Boavista registered an occupancy rate of 85%, with the number of overnight stays on the island increasing over the years. New hotel units were built here, such as the Riu Palace Boavista hotel. Tourist activity is possible all year round, due to the island’s climate, enhanced by the international airport. However, Joana and Octávio Zagalo fear the high customs fees, the scarce infrastructural and service conditions, and issues of historical resistance to Portuguese investment. In order to guide the decisions to be taken, we intended to understand the sociodemographic profile of consumers, identify the most relevant tourism trends in this region of the globe and identify our client’s competing organizations, as well as what services and experiences they offer. To answer these questions, surveys and ethnography were used. We dealt with strategic decisions, Marketing-Mix (focusing mainly on distribution and communication), as well as Relational Marketing and CRM.