This new communication strategy helped a City Hall in the region of Serra da Estrela improve the dissemination of its attractions, events and activities. The following objectives were defined: a) Understand the communication strategy that the City Hall used to publicize the county’s tourism. b) Assess the image that residents had of their county. c) Analyze the image broadcasted in the media about attractions, actions and tourist events in the municipality. d) Discover the tourist communication strategies implemented by other Portuguese regions, whose examples could serve as an inspiration to our client. e) Propose an improvement in the tourism communication strategy in the county under study. We suggested a new City Hall website and an online social media presence plan; launched a cultural newsletter, integrated it in the website, aimed at citizens, emigrants and individuals potentially interested in visiting the municipality; created collaborative mechanisms to give residents the opportunity to contribute with local legends and prayers for the enrichment of the website’s content; planned to create a promotional video of the City Hall with images of some of the most emblematic monuments, the recreation of some traditions and the narration of the county’s history, and made posts on the website, on a Youtube channel created by the municipality and on social media. A press trip to the region was prepared with the presence of journalists from tourism publications and television programs, providing them with a guided tour to demonstrate the potential of this area.