Managers and employees who interact with the public need to master both verbal and non-verbal communication in their service. This project aimed to enhance the usage of non-verbal communication (NVC) elements in the service provided at the Front Office of a 5* hotel in Sintra. Most of the observations revealed cheerful employees, who smile in a professional manner and maintain direct eye contact during most of the interaction time. In addition, despite being mostly busy, they have the initiative to interact with the consumer or client. All employees maintain a personal or social distance, however, physical contact is uncommon. Regarding the elements of prosody, the tone, volume and rhythm of the voice are presented at medium levels. Within the elements of kinesia, the fact that the absence of a smile is more common in an interaction with a woman than with a man, stands out. Furthermore, there was a disparity between the posture of female and male employees. While men demonstrate themselves to be available in most interactions, and concerned in some, women are busier. Hence it is clear that men initiate contact much more frequently than women.