We supported the creation of a company dedicated to the technique of storytelling, which we named “Story’nTell”, that treats the writing of stories in an appealing way about tourist destinations, based on their legends and oral histories, in order to attract visitors. Portugal, in recent years, has been investing more in tourism, being one of the main sources of national income, an investment that’s been paying off. The use of the storytelling technique by companies is a growing trend and an essential tool to attract the public to a certain brand, through the creation of an emotional connection. Its application in the description of tourist destinations lies in the fact that cultural tourism is also a developing trend and tourists increasingly seek to know their destination through perspective and local patrimony. Our research objectives aimed to understand what the needs of consumers or clients are, to identify the competition and to identify which macroenvironmental trends may dictate the future. After conducting this research, we presented the strategic and tactical options, such as the definition of goals for the business, service and communication and, finally, tips for the future development of the brand.